Vintage Amp Restoration Service

 Every effort is made to preserve the stock outside look, new holes for jacks and switches will be added tastefully and only as needed.  We have revived so many of these great old classic amps, with spectacular results!

Here Is What We Offer

Restoration For Guitar

 We can restore to mostly stock or a clone of one of the MegaTone or any other classic amp model.  The goal is to maintain the stock cosmetic vibe, and original transformers if possible, but install fresh caps and make the power supply bullet proof.  The sonic results are astounding, and a great value as compared to the price of a boutique guitar amp.  There are so many possibilities, the best thing is to give us a call to discuss your project and determine a budget.

Restoration For Harp

  Each restoration includes: dual impedance input jacks or single input jack with hi/lo switch, tone and mid controls, gain boost switch,  mid boost switch, exclusive MegaTone Pad control (tames feedback/expands or compresses tonal range) and Fat switch (selects between cleaner or more distorted sound), dual parallel speaker output jacks, multiple output impedances, 12 foot grounded power cord, speaker voiced line-out jack (un-balanced), new and/or new old stock tubes installed, instruction sheet explains operation, one year warranty, tubes are 30 days, no warranty for transformers.  This package includes much of the harp technology that is found in the WEZO ME-18, at a fraction of the price.  Flat rate price for all this starts at $699

Things To Consider In Selecting An Amp For Harp Use


1. Less is more, choose an amp with three to five knobs if possible.

2. Masco, Bogen, Newcomb, Knight, Challenger, and Sromberg-Carlson are just a few of the popular brands.

3. NO HI-FI AMPS,  they are not desirable because the output transformers sound too clean and are heavy.

2. If you intend to perform on stage with it, we recommend two 6L6 power tubes for about 30 watts of output power.  Smaller amps with two 6V6's or a single power tube can be used for studio or other less demanding uses.  Larger amps can be used but add a lot of extra weight and are more expensive to restore, contact us for a quote.

3, It should have a metal top cover, if not then you will have the added expense of having to make a cabinet for it.

4. Although the amp does not have to be functional, its a plus if it is because our restoration costs do not include transformer replacement.

5. Conversions do not include cosmetic restoration, so missing knobs or other hardware is not included in the base price.

6. Pack it very carefully, with plenty of cushion across the front and back of unit.  Select a box that will allow at least 2 inches of clearance between the inside of box and the amp, and insurance is recommended. 

Guitar Amp Examples

10 Watt Bogen


With dual 6V6 power tubes and 8 pin type preamp tubes, that features a dynamic negative feedback tone control.

40 Watt Knight


An exquisite example of 1950s style, under the hood it now has a Fender Vibrolux type circuit  plus master volume.

35 Watt Knight


This unit was restored with a version of the Trainwreck Expresso ciruit, and beautiful powder coat cabinet finish.

Harmonica Amp Examples