AC.5 Half Watt Head


  Make a Vox sounding preamp that also has enough power to drive a speaker, and use both at the same time.     Solid Walnut cabinet crafted by Ken Jones.

The Control Panel


The British voicing of this amp is mid rich and only needs a single tone control to bass/treble balance to taste.  A pull clip switch adds the sound of a top boost channel pushed into distortion.  The line out jack provides a cabinet voiced signal for recording, FOH, or to connect into a larger amp.

Rear Panel


Has a detachable power connection with built in mains fuse, a high frequency presence control, built in speaker load when using this amp without a speaker cabinet, and a speaker jack to be used with any 8 ohm cabinet.

The Technical Side


6U8A Is The Building Block For This Amp

 This is a unique tube containing both a pentode and a triode. In this circuit we use three of them.


Point To Point Construction

The power transformer is custom made by Heybor, the output transformer is by Hammond. Due to the layout and grounding technique the back ground noise is exceptionally low, making this amp perfect for recording.

11.5w x 7.5d x 6.75h inches    8 lbs.

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