Dual Pro Reverb Head

1949 meets 1965


30 watts class-A cathode biased, variable control of phase inverter, pentode in one channel, black face Fender style 2nd channel, and spring tank reverb.

Take A Look At The Chassis


Compact Layout

Top quality tubes and Hammond transformers


Engraved Fiddle Back Maple Panels

Rear controls include variable power control, presence, reverb tone, and cabinet voiced D/I


Point To Point Construction

Sozo Vintage Mustard coupling caps, F&T filter caps, Alpha pots, Switchcraft jacks, Silver Teflon cables, full size spring tank, low noise power supply

The Control Panel



Pre phase inverter master volume, reverb mix, bass-middle-treble channel 2 tone controls, channel 2 volume with pull mid gain boost switch, three way bass contour switch and treble control for channel 1, volume with pull gain boost for channel 1, input jack, switch for 68K or 1M input impedance.

$1799 base price

All vintage tubes     add $150

ATA style road case   add $100

No cabinet     deduct $80

Dual Pro Reverb Demo By Chris Southern