Design Concept

 Morph the mythical '59 tweed deluxe and a brown face deluxe with a twin tone stack. Then add a pre phase inverter master volume and a gain boost pull switch for good measure. There is a toggle switch for two different amounts of negative feedback.  One has tight bottom and the other has more of an early tweed character. The robust power transformer does not care what combination of power and rectifier tubes you load this amp with, so a wide tone variation can be implemented without bias adjustment! 



Mercury power transformer & choke

Mercury Radiospares output transformer

Tubes 22 watts:  5AR4    6L6GC x 2   12AX7 x 2

Tubes 18 watts:  5Y3GT  6V6GT x 2  12AX7 x 2  (stock compliment)

Capacitors:  Sprague Atom and Jupiter

Carbon composition plate resistors

Point to point construction, silver Teflon wire

Finger jointed Baltic Birch cabinet

22w x 10h x 8.5d inches    Weight: 30 lbs.    

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Tuki Soft Padded Cover   $90

Amp Demo by Matt Sickles

Recorded & produced at Earthtones Recording Studio by Benjy Johnson