LOKI High Gain Metal Amp

The Details


Inspired by some popular Randall tube based metal amps, I created this high gain guitar amp head to generate that thunderous mid scooped sound, with lots of bone crushing power, and low end chug.  A three way toggle switch sets the mid frequency profile, making this amp versatile for a variety of different rock styles. 


The is a dual channel, high gain 6-stage preamp that is amplified by a pair of 6CA7 power tubes. To keep things quiet, a progressive grounding network and the first three 12AX7’s will have a DC filament supply with offset. There are three gain controls plus a gain boost switch, along with a series effects loop for use with time based effects and noise gate. The rhythm channel has a pre-set gain control on the back, controlled by a toggle switch or remote foot switch.


Rear Control Panel: Preset rhythm channel gain control, connector for remote channel footswitch, serial effects loop connections with bypass switch, cabinet voiced D/I output, 4/8/16 ohm impedance switch, dual parallel speaker jacks, ground lift switch, high voltage protection fuse, mains power switch, and IEC power receptacle with built in mains fuse. 

 22w x 10h x 8.5d inches     Weight: 35 lbs.   

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includes gain footswitch

Tuki cover $90