AC-18 Signature Series Heads

What It's All About...

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After years of servicing and building guitar amps,

I discovered a very juicy circuit with a wide gain profile, and best of all it has a short signal path to keep its touch sensitivity really dynamic.  This model can be ordered in an 18 watt configuration with 6V6 power tubes, or with a special power transformer that has dual high voltage windings to allow a power doubling switch using 5881/6L6GC type power tubes.

The secret formula for the Signature Series guitar amps,

is a pentode preamp tube which has three times the gain and twice the harmonics as compared to the common 12AX7 triode. I have incorporated the 6GH8A that was used in old TVs and this is completely off the audio radar. As a bonus this tube also contains a triode element that I use as a preamp before the pentode.


Tubes: 5AR4 rectifier, dual 6V6GT power tubes, 12AX7 phase inverter, and 6GH8A preamps. 

The build is carefully designed and features point to point construction.

I use top quality power transformers and chokes made by Hammond, the output transformer is by Dagnall made in the UK or there are several Mercury options by request.  The Low noise power supply has a progressive ground bus network and DC filament offset. Parts include Sprague-Atom high voltage caps, Alpha pots, Carling switches, Mallory 150 series coupling caps, and Switchcraft jacks.  The power tubes are fixed biased and the chassis is steel with a thick chrome plating.  Cabinet crafted by Matt Kosma and features a custom leather handle.


Dimensions: 17W x 10H x 7.8D inches   Weight: 22 lbs.

Primarily oak hardwoods are used, but we will quote other types by request.

We Sell Direct !!

$2400 for Oak cabinet

with standard power transformer

6V6GT power tubes

$2550 for Oak cabinet

with power scale transformer 

boost circuit, 5881/6L6GC power tubes

Tuki Soft Padded Cover   $79

Other wood options - call for quote