Our Wall Of 28 Different Models

Finding a speaker is like looking for new shoes. It's impossible to know if you are getting the best fit, without trying them first!  This is why the demo cabinet was created, and features 14 different twelve inch speakers along with 14 ten inch speakers. Each speaker has its own connector jack and is housed in a semi-open back cabinet to simulate the sound of a speaker installed in a combo amp.

This demonstration cabinet is particularly useful for hearing two or more speakers together that are not of the same model, to find a combination that exceeds the performance of either heard separately.  Audio memory is very short, and if you would like to compare two speakers against each other on the fly, we can provide use of a special A/B switch box.

Any of the speakers we sell can be "tenderized" or broken in, with a process we developed to make a new speaker have that smooth tone that you get with a speaker that has been played for years. This technique is very effective to reduce or eliminate odd harmonic frequencies, sometimes referred to as cone cry. We welcome out of state mail orders, if you already know which speaker you want.

We Are An Authorized Dealer For:


 WGS® is a speaker manufacturer based in Paducah, Kentucky, a small town with a large history in speaker production. This includes the original CTS company, Credence Speakers, Voice Coil Communication, and Hawley Products (the oldest paper cone manufacturer in the world). 


 Jensen Loudspeakers have a long history. Founded in 1927 by Peter Jensen, one of the co-inventors of the loudspeaker, Jensen began producing commercial amplifier loudspeakers in the 1940s. 


 In 1966, Bob Gault founded what was to become the world’s largest loudspeaker manufacturing company after working as an engineer, for Magnavox and CTS (Chicago Telephone Supply). Ironically, Gault started Eminence hoping to maintain three 18″ speakers per day, based on a commitment from Ampeg’s Everett Hull. Under the leadership of Gault and most recently his son, Rob, the company’s capacity grew to over 10,000 speakers per day.